Coffee loading with css


CSS loaders are as small as SVG and supported by modern browsers. However, you need to code HTML and CSS to make a loading, and it still does not work in IE & lt;=9.

CSS transitions offer you a way to create simple animations that always start as the result of triggering a CSS property change. Transitions can animate only between a start and end state, and each state is controlled by existing CSS property values. For example, a transition that runs on hover transitions between values on the element and values on the hover state of the element. Overall, transitions are a simple way to animate but offer little control over the animation. CSS animations provide a bit more control. They allow for the creation of multiple keyframes over which the animation occurs. While they can start in reaction to a change in CSS property value, they can also run on their own.

Run the coffee loading on codepen:

See the Pen SCSS COFFE LOADING by Amir (@sxrdev) on CodePen.

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